Cloud Professional & Managed Services

Cloud Architecture as a Service

Improve the ability of agile development teams

to continuously deliver value

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DevOps is a delivery model for a set of tools that facilitates collaboration between your company’s software development team and the operations team.


DAV provides DevOps as a managed service to companies that run, or want to run, applications in the cloud. We work closely with your company’s in-house technologists to help teams successfully leverage the benefits of the cloud.

DevOps as a Service

As many organisations adapt DevOps and migrate their apps to the cloud, so too will their tools used in the build, test and deployment processes, effectively making continuous delivery itself a managed cloud service.


DAV will ensure everything your developers build can be tested, and only deployed to production when you are ready. We advocate continuous delivery, and manage the process for fast releases and to eliminate timely errors.​

Continuous Integration

DAV is not just one person but a team of people with various Ops skills. You will gain access to our knowledge of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Operations and CI technology. 

We’ll help you remove the pain points that often come with developing and migrating to the cloud. We’ll help you save time by tearing down environments, improving transparency, and leveraging services that make it easier to focus on what you are trying to build.

Dedication, Expertise & Talent

The ongoing success of a system is to pick up trends early to prevent issues. With this in mind, DAV aims to solve your company’s current problems while incrementally improving the entire operational process.

We actively monitor the health of your company’s system, including infrastructure, application security, log files and PCI compliance. We champion security best practices to ensure your company’s ongoing protection.​

System Reliability,

Security & Monitoring

Everything we do is designed to evolve. DAV strives to automate the deployment process and coding infrastructure so it can evolve and adapt to processes over time.


We are firm believers of doing things smarter, and taking advantage of new features when they make sense to use. We work with your organisation to design the architecture and code – not just your infrastructure, but your CI pipelines too.​

Process Automation

& Migration

DevOps Best Practices

Digital Asset Ventures can help you leverage DevOps for your advantage:

We can function as your DevOps team


We can help build your own DevOps capability


We can educate your team on best practises


We can manage your CI/CD/CM and automate your cloud environment


We can optimize and monitor you cloud spend


Our Partnerships

Digital Asset Ventures has partnerships with the leading cloud,  continuous integration and continuous development vendors such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Jenkins.