How it works

How does Eva work?

Thanks to customers like you, we are able to aggregate feature demand to provide features for a better price and a higher quality.


Amy, our AI engine, prices your project and automates the setup and common features you need.



Once your project is ready to run, Amy will optimise the cloud resources you need and 



Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.



What makes us different?

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They charge you for every line of code. We only bill you for what’s unique. 

Most software is made up of 70% components (for example, a social login or integration with an analytics provider) and 40% design and business logic. Our AI draws from our library of features so that you don’t pay to build what’s been built before.


They take weeks to deliver your product spec. We provide ‘build cards’ instantly. 

When you build your digital product on DEVELOPER, we guarantee a price online and even offer a rebate if it’s ready before deadline. This is in stark contrast to the change-request laden, always delayed and never on budget outsourcing market that leaves most customers unhappy. This translates into us being faster and more cost-effective.

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They’re limited by the people they hire. Our partners have the best engineers in the world.

Integration, design and business logic are overseen by our network, which works on demand so you only pay for work performed. We partner with the world’s largest development firms to bring their best people to you.