Our Team

Founder & CEO


Anthony is a recognised thought leader in distributed ledger technology, start-ups and digital transformation. He is also the co-author of Chasing Digital.


With qualifications in law, commerce and IT, Anthony has a background in software engineering. He is the founder of two start-ups and is the former chief digital officer of KPMG. 

You can learn more about Anthony at www.anthonystevens.com.au

Simon Overend

Digital Product Owner


Simon has a broad experience across operations and technology, following successful careers at KPMG, Services Stream and Spotless Group. 

Simon has a passion for building cultures where innovation thrives, ideas spark into life and people, whoever and wherever they are, are bound together with a common purpose.

Communications Director


With an extensive background in media and publishing, Michelle has worked as a business journalist reporting on start-ups and, more recently, as senior editor for a financial publishing company.

Michelle is now a freelance editor, writer, ghostwriter, blogger and communications consultant, with an unwavering passion for creating outstanding content in print and digital form.


Product Manager


Mandy is an energetic achievement-focused product manager. She has over fifteen years of experience in private and public sectors spanning financial services, health, fleet management and publishing.


Passionate about delivering quality digital solutions, Mandy is constantly taking the Buckminster Fuller - seeking new ways to achieve more with less.

Alexander Sly

Token & DLT Analyst


Alexander is armed with a strong, finance-oriented, analytical toolbox.


He is focused on digital assets, upcoming disruptive decentralised ledger tech, and seed or series A-C investment in upcoming biotech, fintech and agritech start-ups.

Simon Overend

Business Integrator


Gennevieve has nearly 20 years of experience in the professional services as a management consultant, later transitioning to lead strategic programs within KPMG.


Passionate about collaboration and the application of new technology, Gennevieve focuses on the integration of digital strategy with core organisational objectives around brand, customer, and people engagement and experience. She is a former COO and a problem-solving pragmatist.  

Louis Strauss

Lead Strategist


With extensive experience as a digital product manager, Louis has worked for a number of start-ups and, more recently, at KPMG, focusing on digital strategy and product development. He is also the co-author of Chasing Digital.


Louis holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in information systems.

Rajesh Barade

Financial Market Analyst


Rajesh is an experienced technologist with a rich domain background in banking and financial services. He has worked with leading Wall Street firms and global banks, managing the delivery of large transformation programs.


Rajesh is an adviser to start-ups and is also a certified data scientist.


Principal Cloud Architect


Phil is an experienced architect and leader with extensive knowledge across Cloud Computing, Automation, DevOps, Linux, and Networking in a career spanning 15 years in technology.


He has designed, delivered, and lead teams in cloud transformation and optimisation initiatives at successful startups and large enterprises such as Aconex and KPMG.

Tishan Jayasekera

Financial Analyst


Tishan is passionate about the financial and economic forces shaping the world of distributed ledger technology and related business models. 


Prior to DAV, Tishan worked in risk advisory at EY. He is also president of the Finance Students’ Association at the University of Melbourne.