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Digital Asset Ventures selects Hedera Hashgraph to work with for customers' distributed applications

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 4 October 2018 – Today, Digital Asset Ventures, an advisory and software development company, announced it has selected the Hedera Hashgraph public distributed ledger platform to work with in the development of distributed ledger technology based solutions for its clients.

The performance, scalability and security features of Hedera Hashgraph were identified as being market leading, and most likely to meet the expectations of enterprise ventures.

The Hedera Hashgraph platform will offer a public distributed ledger that enables developers to easily create secure, fair, blazing-fast, globally distributed applications. For enterprise customers, Hedera’s scale, performance and cost effectiveness are world-class.

“Hedera Hashgraph is a trailblazer in the next generation of distributed ledger technology solutions, so we’re very excited to be working with them,” said Anthony Stevens, CEO & Founder of Digital Asset Ventures.

“Digital Asset Ventures is the first company of its kind in Australia. It’s redefining the way businesses think about and apply DLT, and we are pleased to be working with their team,” said Edgar Seah, Head of Asia Pacific at Hedera Hashgraph.

The Hedera whitepaper can be found at


Digital Asset Ventures (DAV) is a digital strategy and software development company, which aims to transform the way companies operate and compete in the digital age. Based in Melbourne, DAV’s technology expertise is concentrated in three key areas: distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, and big data and data networks.

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