Strategic Consulting & Advice

Digital Asset Ventures can provide your company with a range of strategic and operational technology improvement services. This is usually driven by the challenges associated with a growth agenda, or by issues affecting business performance that need to be understood and resolved.

Cyber Security Review

Developed from leading global security standards, this service provides an expert and balanced view of cyber security in the context of the investment thesis. It may be a component of buy- or sell-side due diligence, or as part of a review of an existing portfolio, perhaps with an eye to exit readiness.

Operations Review

Our operations review service evaluates the technology and/or the digital landscape of your business to determine what change, support or investment is required to improve business performance.

Strategy & Roadmap

An expert, independent, technology-focused service for the development of your company’s applications, systems, infrastructure, IT resources and IT management practices, designed to support your company’s short- and medium-term business strategy.

Systems & Supplier Selection

This service either leads or supports your organisation in the selection and procurement of a new system and supplier or, for example, a new provider of data storage, IT support or software development services. We offer an objective viewpoint to help you determine whether change is required, coupled with proven experience in the selection and procurement process.

Code Quality Review

This service involves the inspection of your company’s software code to determine its quality and maintainability. If commissioned as part of a technology due diligence engagement, the investor receives a forensic understanding of code quality and any technical debt to the extent that the costs and priorities for improving quality and/or reducing technical debt can be better assessed. This could significantly impact and drive deal value.