Transaction Advisory

Digital Asset Ventures can offer an independent, bespoke assessment of a target company’s technology and/or IT operations on behalf of a private equity investor, with a particular focus on matters that may affect valuation, post-deal performance and operational improvement.


Drivers of value have changed over time


Business performance and future growth opportunities are more dependent on technology than ever before.  Traditional valuation models must adapt to incorporate both a strategic and technical understanding of the target organisation’s IT infrastructure, platforms, data, revenue-generating assets and innovation capability.

As an investor, you need to approach the upside/downside risks of your target’s IT and digital environment as a material deal consideration.

What we bring

As experienced venture partners, we know the importance of applying DDD (Digital Due Diligence) across the transaction process, recognising the role technology now plays in both driving and delivering on corporate strategy. As our experience crosses both commercial and IT backgrounds, we report findings in a way that an executive audience can digest.

We also have the capability and SME network to supplement our approach with specific analysis in key risk and opportunity areas, such as maturity assessments, data and code integrity, and cyber security.

What you get

An enhanced business value assessment as part of your due diligence and transaction planning, which incorporates the following:


  • An evaluation of the target’s technology and IT operations in the context of their corporate strategy and objectives over known horizon periods. 

  • The identification and implications of any material risks as they relate to both the deal and also as a consideration for integration planning post-completion.

  • Recommended actions that can be taken to address risks either pre- or-post deal and their prioritisation as it relates to deal objectives.

  • Value creation opportunities from a technology and digital perspective, taking into account known deal synergies and domain expertise.